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Optimize your website to serve traffic faster on a global scale.

What is a CDN

M3 content delivery network offers the best of both worlds when it comes to serving your content on a global scale. Videos and your static content like images, css, and javascripts can be stored and served quickly from the nearest CDN node.

Performance Booster

The greatest benefit of the M3Server optimized CDN is the increase of website speed. Data is cached on our CDN servers and the content requests are directed to the closest node, the CDN sends your content along the shortest route to the requesting user. This reduces latency and packet loss, which allows for faster load times.

Uptime Reliablility

With your content delivered from our CDN, it will all be dynamically distributed across multiple servers, so outages in one region or issues with a single node won’t sabotage the entire global network. Even if you’re faced with an attack, the distributed infrastructure can help neutralize the impact and keep your website available.

Improve Google Rankings

If the previous benefits don’t give you enough reason to enhance your site with our CDN, consider this added bonus: Google and other major search engines factor page load time into their ranking formulas. By boosting your page load and downloading speeds, you’ll be improving your position in search results and driving additional traffic to your site.


Implementing a CDN reduces the burden on your backbone network by offloading traffic to the CDN servers. So while you’ll obviously have to factor the cost of a CDN into your budget, the cost is much lower than the expense of adding your own servers across the globe.


When your site and its content increases in popularity or a social media post goes viral, you can be prepared for the bursts of traffic. Allowing your data to be distributed across the CDN makes scalability one more thing you don’t have to worry about. The more servers available to serve your content requests will result in greater network backbone capacity, making it easier to handle those unexpected surges in new visitors.

Competitive Edge

The CDN can be used to mirror your videos and stream them across our global any cast CDN network. Just like with static content your visitors will see the increased speed. Which in turn will give you that extra edge over your biggest competitors.

Fast Content Delivery Network

  • Global Replication
  • Your content is closer to the end users being spread across our fast global CDN locations.

  • Optimized Cache TTL
  • Rest assured your most popular content is being held on the CDN for high speed page loads.

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The performance trashes that of a big name (if not the biggest name) CDN provider for a tiny fraction of the price.

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Dont Live In Fear

We don't believe in hitting clients with large overages bills.
M3 will simply notify you of the usage and ask that you move to a cdn plan that better fits your needs.

No Overages

Not once has M3 ever charged a client with bandwidth overages and we dont intend on changing that.

Low Prices

You wont find a CDN of this quality anywhere else but at M3. We will beat any large competitor guaranteed!

No Contracts

Risk free month to month payments with no obligations to long term contracts.

No extra fees for SSL Traffic

SSL have become more and more common for all types of websites. We wont let that slow you down.

CDN Plans & Pricing

Our marketing staff has done its homework to make sure we can offer you the best cdn for the lowest price. We want our clients to have the fastest sites on the web without taking a big hit on their pocket books.



$16 Per/Month

  • Websites - 5
  • No Overages
  • Free Setup
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$80 Per/Month

  • Websites - 5
  • No Overages
  • Free Setup
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$160 Per/Month

  • Websites - 5
  • No Overages
  • Free Setup
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$300 Per/Month

  • Websites - 5
  • No Overages
  • Free Setup
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Dedicated Support

M3 has been in the web server business since 1996. We thrive for excellance and work to provide the best quality of services to our clients.

Live chat around the clock

Average ticket response within 5 Minutes

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